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Our worlds made us what we are, and all this pain we suffer is to fix the folly of those who came before, who shaped the world in their image and left us the ruin of their feast 
~ Pierce Brown

Humanity’s relationship with Earth is currently in crisis. 

Signposted by the devastating effects of climate change and the destructive environmental impact of human exploitation and extractivism, this crisis is not just the result of a profound environmental predicament, but is also the reflection of a particular set of worldviews and values. The planetary distress the world is currently experiencing, we believe, manifests not only in the form of complex and ongoing ecological emergencies, but also in the form of social, cultural and spiritual anguish.

In response to the excesses of our current global societies, which have led to both tremendous ecological upheaval and human disconnection, we introduce Resonant Earth. 

At this time of global ecological and social uncertainty, Resonant Earth wishes to explore ways to re-establish a sense of balance - even harmony - with other humans and human communities, as well as with the whole environment. We seek to rekindle our ecological sensitivities, to revitalise our inner and outer ecologies, and to regenerate the many forgotten and yet simple connections around us: those with one-self, those with other humans and those with the Earth. 

In the process of doing so, we embrace the Indigenous’ ways of knowing, which have shaped and continue to shape, humanity’s journey and are indispensable to our present future. Ultimately, we wish to bridge the gaps between ancestral knowledges and a fast-changing modern world. 


To achieve this vision, Resonant Earth aims to undertake five distinct initiatives:


1.  The Ecosophical Institute. The primary goal of Resonant Earth, through the Ecosophical Institute, is to provide a more integrated view of life on earth through post-secondary education.


2.  Ecosophical Research. In addition to its primary pedagogical purpose, the Institute aims to create spaces and means (both physical and intellectual) to undertake interdisciplinary research toward enhancing planetary life.


3.  Ecosophical Consultancy. Resonant Earth aims to use its extensive network of experts to advice anyone interested in reconnecting their practices, living spaces, and behaviours with Earth.


4.  Ecosophical Neighbourhood. Resonant Earth plans to firmly ground its initiatives by creating a model for a truly ecological neighbourhood.


5.  Ecosophical Retreats. As part of the above initiative, Resonant Earth offers immersive experiences designed to realign the inner self with the rhythms of life, bring space for inner stillness to emerge, and reconnect with Earth. 

Resonant Earth aims to be a seed of transformative ideas for the future, a future where humanity has once again learned to live in reciprocity with the rest of the planet. Resonant Earth is a long-term, global project to foster relational and regenerative approaches to education, research and wellbeing. 

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